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- Benjamin Franklin



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ill titleApplication Procedure

The Contemporary Catholic Church welcomes the interest of those who inquire about the possibilities of beging one's preparation for priesthood. Since we want to treat each applicant as a unique individual, the Seminary tries to maintain a personal dimension in its application process.
Initial Inquiry

ill_1Lack of monies or limitation of resources by the individual is never allowed to be a factor in not following through on entrance into the Beloved Disciple Seminary. Individual review is always a factor in every dimension of the application process and subsequent formation programs.

Everyone is welcome and encouraged to enter into the process..

ill titleDiscernment

If you believe you may have an interest in the ordained priesthood, or wish to pursue seminary studies for your own spiritual and academic development, please contact Bishop +Hart to start the process of discernment. The Bishop may be reached by sending an email to: rtrevhart@beloved-disciple.org

Seminarians wishing to pursue ordination to the priesthood will pursue their studies at the Divine Beloved Seminary. Ordination to both major and minor orders is done by a Bishop after dialogue with the seminarian, tutors, mentors and course instructors. Please note that the decision to ordain someone is not based entirely upon one's successful completion of courses, but upon the discernment of those individuals facilitating the formation of the candidate. Seminarians who are candidates for the priesthood move through minor and major orders as they progress in their course work and spiritual formation. Some seminarians may not choose to be ordained to the priesthood, or may elect to study to the level of the diaconate but may not desire to become ordained as priests. Should these individuals decide at a later time to pursue the priesthood, they may re-enroll and complete their studies for the priesthood, without loss of any credits accrued.