Grace is everywhere as an active orientation of all created reality toward God.
---Karl Rahner


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The Beloved Disciple Seminary offers a wide range of courses for those interested in self improvement and spiritual growth as well as for those who have been called to the ordained ministry of the diaconate and priesthood. We strive to prepare students to meet the many challenges of serving diverse communities with compassion, understanding and pastoral competence.

The Beloved Disciple Seminary is about pastoral formation, not just education. It's about forming your attitudes towards ministry, and about helping to strengthen your spiritual life within Christ's Church. Accordingly, much of the formation is about initiating and cultivating relationships with your Bishop and with your assigned mentor.

A holistic approach to learning burns brightly throughout all of our programs. At BDS, you will receive the scholarship, passion, and abilities for 21st century ministry.

ill titleScholarship for Your Mind.

Course study is integrated with the latest trends, books, and resources on theology and culture. Our faculty engage, challenge, encourage, guide, and mentor students into a deeper relationship with the Divine. We help you think deeply and critically about the issues that affect our world and your ministry.

The Beloved Disciple Seminary seeks to develop students who