Because philosophy arises from awe, a philosopher is bound in his way to be a lover of myths and poetic fables. Poets and philosophers are alike in being big with wonder.
---Thomas Aquinas


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ill titleCosts of Instruction

As with most activities, the Pastoral Formation Process does require some financial resources. However, the Beloved Disciple Seminary has never fully funded, nor sought to fund, its operation through free-will donations. Moreover, faculty and staff members have donated their time to the development and instruction of courses on an unpaid and voluntary basis.

ill_1If the Bishop needs to travel (for instance, by plane) to visit you or ordain you, it is expected that, you will contribute to all the cost of travel (e.g. Airfare and accommodation.) You will be responsible for the costs of your tuition and books, although we encourage you to borrow them or purchase them through a used-book store. The costs of any vestments, worship aids, reprint licenses, or liturgical supplies are borne by you, the seminarian, not the Beloved Disciple Seminary.

ill titleTuition & Fees

BDS offers one of the best values you will find anywhere.

We do everything we can to help each student make the BDS experience affordable and are committed to providing you with maximum return on your investment.

 Don’t let concerns about money stop you from pursuing a seminary degree. We will work with you to make your education affordable.

Standard 2017 - 2018 Tuition & Fees
Registration, Tuition, & General Fees - $225 /year
Application Fee - $75.

We offer flexible and varied payment plans to fit your needs. If a student is experiencing significant financial difficulty, he or she is encouraged to speak to the Bishop in order to arrange a formal payment plan.

 ill titleScholarships

Several scholarships are offered for seminarians who are in need of financial assistance. Download our informational brochure if you would like to join the team of dedicated seminarians at the Beloved Disciple Seminary, but finances might prevent this from happening.

ill titleTexts

Students are responsible for purchasing the required texts and obtaining any additional required readings. The Contemporary Catholic Church maintains an extensive library, which includes all reading materials required through the Beloved Disciple Seminary. If necessary, copies of texts and reading materials can be acquired on a loan-basis.